Morph Cycles is a manufacturer of custom mountain bike frames based in Hampshire, UK.

Morph is best known for producing full suspension, 29" trail/AM/enduro bikes - which have been featured on Pinkbike, in WideOpen, Singletrack and The Loam Wolf magazines as well as on GMBN tech's YouTube channel. These 142mm rear travel full sus frames have a unique flipchip feature that allows the same frame to be used with a 140, 150 or 160mm travel fork whilst maintaining the same BB height. With each lengthening in fork travel the frame also gets longer and slacker - transforming the bike from a trail bike with a 140 fork to a 160 bike that could be used for bike park laps or light Enduro racing.

For more information about the full sus 29ers please see the "First Edition Frames" section of the website.

For enquiries about hardtails, custom kids bikes or shorter travel full sus frames please see "custom frames".

Morph doesn't offer complete bikes - but can source components to help with your build. Parts from DVO, Cane Creek, Hunt Wheels, Fabric, OneUp and Burgtec can be sourced at prices you won't get elsewhere.

Why Single Pivot?

Single pivot designs have always had great advantages. The platform is very predictable, can be tuned to give a wide variety of characteristics and is extremely simple to maintain.

Historically, single pivot designs have had a reputation for bobbing under pedalling and their flat leverage curves didn't work well with coil shocks. However, the advent of 1x drivetrains has changed the game for single pivot. A single front chainring paired with careful pivot placement means the anti-squat is over 100% in all of the climbing gears, eradicating the pedal bob problem of old. Almost all modern shocks now feature ramp control (normally via volume spacers) and many modern coil shocks have hydraulic bumper stops and the option to run progressive springs. This means you have way more control of your suspension setup than ever before - and the neutral platform provided by a single pivot gives you a great base from which to find your perfect setup.

Why Steel?

Steel bikes have a timelessness not seen in other frame materials. They don't look like last year's model after only 1-2 seasons. Steel also gives beautiful clean lines, excellent fatigue resistance and desirable flex characteristics.

This is also no ordinary straight-gauge steel tubing; the UK is home to Reynolds, makers of some of the finest bicycle tubing available anywhere. The Reynolds 853 DZB tube set used is triple butted, heat treated and air hardened. This means these tubes have great mechanical properties and there's more material where the stresses are higher and less material where it's not needed to save weight.


Materials and Components

The tubeset and components used on Morph frames are second to none - up there with the best available anywhere.

The top tube, down tube, seat tube, bottom bracket and chainstays are Reynolds 853 and the seatstays are Reynolds 725. This isn't a frame that uses a couple of Reynolds tubes and cheap steel elsewhere, every tube used on these frames is quality.

The dropouts are manufactured in the UK by Bear Frame Supplies and feature both a replaceable alumnium hanger, replaceable threads and the option to use 1.5 or 1.0 pitch axles. The dropouts are beautiful to look at and ensure longevity and serviceability.

Quality and Workmanship

All the major frame components are produced in the UK or France. The tubing is from Reynolds in Birmingham, the CNC machining is done in Leighton Buzzard and/or Bath and the frames are brazed and painted in Toulouse, France. The final touches to the frames are made in Hampshire, UK, before being delivered directly to customers.

These frames are made by only a handful of people, each an expert in what they do.

Environmental Policy

Morph Cycles is keen to minimise its' impact on the planet wherever possible. The frames are designed to be easily fixed and serviced and spare parts will always be available. This is to maximise the usable life of the frames. Morph frames don't have model years  and there won't be any effort to date older frames by changing up paint schemes or adding meaningless new features. Morph frames are an investment in quality and rejection of bikes that are designed to be replaced after only 1 or 2 seasons.

Some packaging is required to ensure safe transportation, but this will always be recyclable packaging where possible.


The frame uses highly standard parts throughout. This is intended to help with compatibility, finding spares and creating a low cost of ownership.

These standards include:

  • 148x12mm Boost rear spacing with standard 1.5mm pitch axle threads

  • 73mm threaded bottom bracket (standard)

  • 44mm headtube for use with tapered steerer forks - Headset is Hope H2 or EC44/ZS44

  • 31.6mm dropper post

  • A 34.9mm seat clamp

  • Replaceable mech hanger (available here)

  • 6902RS bearings - widely available

  • IS brake mount - compatible with 160, 180 and 203mm rotors

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Morph Cycles is a start-up MTB company I founded whilst at university. I had an idea for a unique flipchip feature that would make a single bike useful for a wider variety of riding. I developed the idea into a working concept but I wasn't super sure what I wanted to do with the concept, until I spotted what I considered to be a gap in the market. I wanted to take this cool feature and apply it to a super simple, low maintenance bike with killer looks. A perfect mix of taking advantage of the latest tech, but also keeping things simple and reliable.


If you have any questions or just want to reach out for a chat feel free to message me on any of these channels:

Email: tom@morphcycles.com

Instagram: @morphcycles
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